Actions Speak Louder than Prayers

Actions Speak Louder than Prayers

We are living in an age where everyone wants to be politically correct (PC) with their words, yet people do not give the same amount of tact to their actions. Being PC, is more valued than being a good person and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Everyday we are treated to a barrage of messages and tweets and posts on all forms of social media about the crises and problems in different parts of the world and how we should feel remorse for what’s happening around us and remember the victims and their suffering in our prayers.

Yet, none of these posts are ever actionable. None of them tell us what we can do to alleviate the suffering of these people even just a little. What good is sharing a post on your social media account that garners 1000 views if it doesn’t do anything to put food into the mouths of young children who haven’t had a bite to eat in days. The world doesn’t live on prayers and goodwill alone. Prayers give hope to people in trouble and gives them something to believe it and fuels the hope in their souls that there is always a silver lining around the corner. But silver linings and hope, do not an empty stomach fill.

1) Practice and Don’t Preach

This is a post more directed to how we can be more actionable with our thoughts and beliefs and how we can do our small part to help those who most need it. Technology is the most powerful weapon that most of us are blessed to wield. There is an unimaginable out technology out there that has been developed keeping the plight of the suffering in mind. We can use these technologies to come together as global citizens of a global community and unite for the less privileged. Here we give you a few examples of how to do just that.

2)  GiveNow and Give Plenty.

GiveNow is a donation app for things of daily live needed by refugees. It connects donators with supporters who collect the donation and bring it to the refugee organisations. Donators just set their location in the app and add the kind of donation they want to give. The categories right now are: smartphones, blankets, travel bags, sleeping bags, train tickets, baby products, hygiene articles, winter shoes and other. A volunteer then collects the items at the given address and transports them to the organisation.

3) Aid Directly

The Refugee Aid App mobile app shows migrants, refugees and aid workers where services are closest to them on a map with a very simple interface.A web based content management and communication system allows official aid organizations to manage and update their services and to get their critical aid to where it is most urgently needed.

4) Learn and Help Out

Freecodecamp offers individuals the chance to learn coding and application development and then apply their newly acquired skills to helping nonprofits around the world. Their approach is unique in that both parties involve benefit in different ways. The users benefit from the new knowledge they are gaining, and they are able to apply this experience and knowledge into real world exercises where they can directly benefit those around them.

Endless Opportunities

At the end of the day, the opportunities and platforms available to us at the tips of our fingers are endless and increasing day after day. We are the ones expected to take charge and use these opportunities to make the difference that we wish to see in the world. Rome was not built overnight, and neither will we be righting all the wrongs in the worlds in a week or two. But we will be taking the small steps in the right direction. And that makes the all the difference that is necessary.

Do you think we’ve gotten across the message we were trying to convey? Or do you feel that we’ve missed crucial points in our examination of the mentality of the people vs the mentality of PC culture? Let us know in the comments and sign up here to be a beta user of our soon to be released iOS app.

Actions Speak Louder than Prayers

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