Twitter over a Weekend – A Layman’s Guide 1.0

Twitter over a Weekend – A Layman’s Guide 1.0

Only next to Facebook, the world’s largest social network in terms of active users, Twitter is the largest organically growing platform in the world in terms of connections established between it’s users. Clearly, managing an account on such a platform with the aim of creating a large user following as a result of publishing content regularly must be a task that requires a team of experienced digital marketers to say the least, right? Not exactly. As the title says, below is a a guide by someone, namely myself, who has spent just as much time, if not lesser than you, using Twitter, but what I’ve learnt from this dynamic platform is that anyone can grow and expand their visibility over a weekend with a bit of dedication, planning and of course, tweeting. So, let’s get look a few simple steps that can allow us to exponentially grow a Twitter following over one weekend.

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Decide on an Identity

If your aim is to nurture and grow a Twitter page, it is most advisable that you decide on what type of crowd of followers you are going to cater your content to, and give your handle an identity based on that. Even if your niche crowd is literally every living human on the planet, build your handle around that identity. Decide if your handle is going to be related to technology, and publish and tweet content related to technology. If you handle is about social commentary, create content that comments on the social classes in society and catch the eyes of users who are interested in following such information. If your handle is dedicated to creating humorous quips regarding developments in the world finance and socioeconomic advances, attached yourself to that identity and build your profile around everything related to that. Do not jump in between identities on your handle with the posts that you publish and retweet. You do not want to divide and confuse and audience which you are cultivating. A divided audience is the worst kind to have, as they will not be capable enough to contribute and push your content forward to other users and they will eventually stop following you as a whole.

Cultivate an Audience

If time weren’t a factor and you had no problem waiting a couple of years to organically reach 1000 something users, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now. We have a weekend to make this work and we shall use all available features at our disposal and under our control to cultivate a steady Twitter audience.Once you’ve decided on an identity, the next step is to find your target audience and launch your barrage of content onto their Twitter feeds. Let Twitter’s automated followers suggestion algorithm direct you to a list of handles you could follow based on the interests that you have. This is a good first step to get a feel and idea of the type of users you should be following and MORE IMPORTANTLY, the type of audience you want rushing to follow your handle. The greatest advantage that Twitter has over Facebook, is how organically you can grow from a handle with 0 followers to 100 plus followers in a weekend, without explicitly ‘inviting’ friends and acquaintances to like and follow your handle. Based on your location and the type of users that you are following, your content will eventually start creating ripples in your Twitter geographical network. You will initially only appear in the network of your direct followers but as you start following more and more users related to the niche you are carving, your Twitter expanse automatically grows and reaches a larger radius.Following users is key on expanding the radius in which your handle will be operating, but reach does NOT guarantee that you will be followed unless you can prove that you are worth it.


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Tweeting and the Ripple Effect

The basic mantra to growing your Twitter network is ‘Tweet! Tweet! And Tweet Some More!”

Every moment that you tweet, you create a tiny ripple in the ocean of Twitter. A ripple on its own is insignificant in the short term, but hundreds of ripples over time can create small waves and hundreds of small waves over time lead to tides that get noticed! The most basic thing to have in mind while cultivating a following is to ensure that they always have content to see and be reminded that you exist. Users are probably following hundreds if not thousands of handles all the time. The only thing that can probably remind them that your handle actually deserves a place in their long term memory is constant exposure to your brand and the identity that you stand for. Now granted, it is impossible to always have original content created and ready for your followers everyday, but the beauty of Twitter is that relevance is key when it comes to keeping your audience satisfied. It doesn’t matter if your content is retweeted, copied or original, just ensure that due credit is given where deserved and that it is relevant to the audience in question and respects their intelligence.

Comments and Messaging as Extensions

Tweeting is the initial step at catching the eye of other users. Never stop interacting with users either through comments on their tweets or directly messaging them. Let them know that you aren’t simply a dummy handle that is only capable of sharing without voicing opinions and directly interacting. Commenting on tweets of popular handles, which already have thousands of followers puts you directly in their scope of vision, and you will get onto their radars. Consistency and exposure is the name of the game here when it comes to ensuring that you are remembered and followed back. You do not have to be a literary genius and it isn’t necessary that your comments need be witty or sarcastically philosophical, BUT it is necessary that they be posted. Voice your basic opinion regarding a tweet in less than 140 concise characters regularly and ensure that you make sense. You don’t always have to be politically correct, if you are looking engage users, as long as it isn’t horribly offensive and capable of ostracizing you completely.

Messaging handles directly will show other that you are genuinely interested in them as followers and what they have to say and will earn brownie points in the long run. Establish a balance between tweeting, retweeting and commenting on Twitter to extend to reach to all expanses of the vast Twitter ocean.

Finally, to give you all perspective of how these tips helped me, I managed to grow my Twitter followers from 20 to 150 in 8 hours spread over a weekend. I do not write this blog as an expert, but as someone who is glad to share his experiences with other Twitter hopefuls and hope that we keep learning from each other and sharing these experiences together. Sign up right here and stay tuned for the Layman\’s Guide to Twitter 2.0, based on what we learn this coming week! Leave your comments down and be heard! The more we learn from each other, the faster we grow from Layman to being Experts.

Twitter over a Weekend – A Layman’s Guide 1.0

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