Modern Romance

Modern Romance

Most of us living in the modern world are no strangers to the idea of finding romance online, as much as we may choose not to admit it. Advances in technology have done the impossible and brought love to the tip of our fingers. Finding your romance is just a click or swipe away. But can we really say that the romances we find online constitute towards something more than just a fling, or rather a really substantial relationship. Numbers do not lie, so let’s have a a look at the stats to see how modern romances really work out in today’s world and this close to Valentine’s Day.


Increase in number of casual romances

Online dating through mobile apps give us the option of choice and that makes us more likely to give to the idea of casual romances. When flooded with backup options, the human mind tends to grow complacent and always keep trying to look for something better. Add to this the freedom of people able to find romances within the reach of your current location, and this makes it all the more easily accesible to us.


True love is a swipe away

Apart from all the casual flings, we do here stories of people finding true romance through Tinder. Though they do have to shake things up a bit to make it happen. Finding the love of your life may be just a click away but it isn’t as easy as sounds if you aren’t willing to take a couple of risks and do what it takes to get what you want.

Loss in the novelty of dating

The downside of finding romance through modern day apps is that the original novelty of dating is lost. No longer do millennials try to find love through mutual friends or by chatting someone up the old fashioned. And if the world keeps moving this way towards digitized romance, old fashioned dating as it is will eventually cease to exist, and that might actually be catastrophically in the long run.

Being only a week away from Valentine’s day, let us know your comments regarding what you think the world of modern romance is like in the twenty first century. Register here for the Communiti beta release to get exclusive access to the mobile app.

Modern Romance

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