Passion versus Purpose

Passion versus Purpose

Passion is what you as person nurture and end up developing throughout the course of your life. Your purpose on the other hand, is the path or course in life that is thrust upon you from birth and it is the presumptive path that you are expected to take till your last day. Though the latter may not seem as appealing as being a person who follows his passion and ends up living life doing what he loves, there are many hurdles that one needs to overcome in order to live a live following one’s passion. Below we tell you how to determine which one is for you, a live led by passion versus a life guided by a purpose.

Be Clear About the Differences Between the Two

Passion is the ever burning energy that fuels your dreams and gives you the drive to work harder and do whatever it takes to make those dreams a reality. Purpose in the underlying reason behind your existence and it tells you that behind the facade of day to day life, there is a reason for you being here and it is only you who can figure out what that reason is and take charge of your life in that way.

Your passion can be ever changing depending on various factors, your mood, your age you temperament and your current situation at that milestone in your life. You may have multiple passions as well, and if you have the means to pursue all of them, there is nothing to stop you doing so. Your purpose is a singular definitive answer to the question of  ’Why am I here?’, that requires time and patience to the be figured out. It is not interchangeable and usually is a very rewarding and enriching experience once the riddle to the puzzle has been solved.

Do Not be Stubborn in Choosing Between the Two

The best businesses and practices always advocate choosing either your passion or your purpose and building upon it, as also depicted in the diagram. The best advice that one can give regarding choosing between the two is that never be dead set on one over the other, before trying out both. You may have a die hard passion that you wish to pursue, but in the long run it just won’t be feasible for you or even vice versa; you have figured out your purpose in life but that purpose doesn’t allow you to make a living for yourself but your passion does. In such cases, it is always smart to be open to choosing between the two depending on the situation. After all, you always have a chance to switch to the other once things settle down and start going your way.

 Both Choices Present Their Own Problems

We have to accept that solely focusing on your passions, rather than primary purpose in life is selfish and egoistical. You end up thinking only about yourself, when really, shouldn\’t life be about serving others? You will never be more happy than when you\’re serving other people and making the lives of others better. Assisting others in any small way makes the world a better place and you a better person. If these thoughts align with your passion, then all the better. If not, you might want to think about where your priorities truly lie. The challenges to finding your purpose in life are more psychological, as in fear of failing, your insecurities, lack of intentionality and lack of support from peers. All of these are pitfalls that anyone is likely to fall into, and these problems manifest themselves as materialistic issues and challenges such as lack of time, money and opportunities that prevent us from fulfilling our true purposes in life.


There is no hard and fast rule about which to choose between your passion and your purpose, but the ideal case would be where you harness your passions to help you achieve your purpose. There is nothing stopping you from doing both and nothing more rewarding than this combination either. At Community, we always love to hear your opinions. Let us know whether you feel passion triumphs over purpose, or whether your purpose should be the more practical choice in your life and sign up here for our Beta program!

Passion versus Purpose

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