Startups – The Expectations and the Reality

Startups – The Expectations and the Reality

Startup, the interchangeable verb and noun that has become all the rage with millennials in this day and age. Though are we very sure of the implications and what being part of a startup really curtails? For many, it is the new fad that has seen many rags-to-riches stories come true and to the rest they are just pipe dreams that have cleaned out bank accounts and left dreamers with less than what they started out with. Here, we separate fact from fiction and bring you the bittersweet reality to the startup world. A word of advice; be cautious about how you relate expectations with reality.

Angel Investor Waterfalls

    • Most startup success stories would have you believe that investor money comes from an endless pool aimed at funding all up and coming startups with big dreams and empty pockets. But the harsh reality of the fact is that over 90% of all potential startups fail before that gain any traction and usually end up causing causes huge financial and resource related losses to the founders.
    • Many startups during the initial phase go months without salary and plenty of IOU’s. If the team is ready to ride out these tough times,  there might be a silver lining down the road somewhere after an indefinite period of time.
    • The competition is cutthroat, as investor pools are limited and startups are growing by the hundreds everyday. Potential resources to fund your idea are bound to run out, simply because there just isn’t enough for everyone to share.


Your Idea Only Resonates With You

    • It isn’t wrong to assume that the minds behind a startup idea are fully supportive of their owns ideas and feel that their solution solves a problem that is being faced by the masses, and because of this, there is no way to fail. But more often than not, this isn’t true
    • A major pitfall to be faced, is that your idea generally doesn’t become a success overnight simply because the idea doesn’t catch on as quickly as you’d expect it to. No business will attain such success without the required hard work and marketing.
    • Most businesses underestimate the importance of advertising and marketing, but these are the key factors that will play a key role in the overall sustenance of a startup rather than simply a great idea without anything to back it up.


Immortal Life Expectancy of the Startup

    • Most young business owners assume that they’ve created a possible franchise if their initial business expectations are met. These dreams and ambitions will drive you to be the best that you can be and to push yourself harder, but your actions should not be solely based on these dreams.
    • Once your business gains traction, you also gain the attention of bigger corporate rivals. The uninvited attention draws corporate competition looking to ensure that your business starts and ends young. How can a young up and coming business model compete with those that have been around for years and years with a loyal customer based to back them up?
    • The truth is, usually young business cannot compete with larger rivals in the same field. A contingency plan is required to decide how young business can survive in a merciless business world.



There is a definite fine line between expectations and reality when it comes to the startup world. On one hand, we are very prone to being influenced by success stories that we see everyday, but we also need to take the time out to read into the stories of failure and great ideas that just didn’t take off and understand where they went wrong. More important than learning what the successful ones did right, we need to learn where the failures went wrong and how to avoid making the same mistakes. At Community, we always love to hear your opinions. Let us know whether you’ve had similar startup experiences and add on anything that we might have missed. For more updates do sign up here for our Beta program!

Startups – The Expectations and the Reality

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