Tweet for the Greater Good

Tweet for the Greater Good

Creating Twitter awareness for your brand or your cause is no small feat. It is a science in itself. A few weeks ago, we had tacked the issue of developing a Twitter following over the weekend in our blog post. That was a post more directed towards educating users about how to go about carving a niche for themselves in the universe of Twitter along with a few suggestions and tip to increase their visibility as much as possible.This week, we shall extend upon the knowledge that we already have regarding managing a Twitter profile and growing a steady number of followers, and focus on how we can leverage the power of Twitter to create awareness for the greater good.

What is the Greater Good?

Without getting too much into the deeper meaning and implications of the greater good, we refer to the overall well being of our immediate society and on a larger scale, to the world that we are currently living in. We want to use Twitter to create an awareness amongst the tweeting fraternity regarding how the power of the digital word can be used to spread an idea or even a mindset amongst the masses. This is of course, easier said that done. That’s why we have studied the various aspects of Twitter and other external supporting tools available to us and how they can be used to push a particular cause forward and to get noticed by parties that share similar interests. We recommend that you brush through our previous blog post as we will be building upon the previous information that we have already studied and it would prove to be useful as a point of reference with respect to Twitter Awareness.

Diversify through comments and chats

We have always maintained that, when you are nurturing and growing your Twitter profile, nothing is more important that establishing an identity and creating content based around that identity. We do not recommend tweeting posts or retweeting articles that do not have anything to do even in the slightest with your original objectives or positioning. The second step of this phase is to understand, that strictly limiting your niche greatly reducing the number of followers and potential eyes that could be brushing over your profile. Since our objective is to promote a certain cause that is dedicated to helping people and the community around us, it is elementary that our target audience is essentially everyone around us. But how do we reach out to everyone, including those who might not be searching for a Twitter handle that creates content like yours? This is where the comments and chat features of Twitter comes in. You may no post opinions or tweets regarding unrelated topics from your own handle, but you have every right to comment and share your opinion regarding such topics on the handles of others. For example, you are a Twitter handle dedicated to sharing updates regarding NGO’s that help underprivileged children. You would like all other users to take note of the work being done. You can start making a name for yourself on the profiles of TechCruch and even Disney, by sharing your opinions on their tweets and creating comments based around your positioning that will grab their attention as well as those of their other followers. This is by far a very effective way of making your way around the extensive Twitter community, by sharing your opinions on their tweets and creating twitter awareness regarding your cause and your beliefs.

Get Noticed

Good content will only get you so far, if there is nobody to read it and take away something fruitful from the information that you have to share. The importance of getting retweeted and having your posts shared is key to getting onto the radar of the right people, in this case, everyone. Interaction with the Twitter fraternity is paramount towards raising Twitter Awareness in an organic method. This means that, the more that you interact and share your opinions all while crafting your answers and creating a fishhook pull towards your original messaging, the amount of eyes on your handle will proportionally go up, thus lending you more exposure and growth on a large scale.

Get Mobile

A strong contention for this point is that you cannot always be on your computer sending tweets and interacting with the Twitterverse. If you are aiming to truly better your Twitter Awareness, you need to be able to access your handle from anywhere at anytime as much as possible. Your mobility and flexibility needs to be increased, and the best way in which we can do this, is through the Twitter mobile application. This way, as a user, you are ensuring you are always kept up to date with the latest events, breaking news and you can maximize your chances to best to first to comment, retweet and share important and relevant posts. This helps to ensure that all eyes are on your post first, before getting lost in the multitude of tweets that are to follow. As a handle with many followers, being mobile ensures that you are always there to answer your followers and share important information regarding your cause and the various ways in which they can involve themselves and help.

Automate your Processes

There are brilliant third party tools out there such as Buffer, that allow you to schedule and automate tweets, so that your valuable information will never stop being shared, so long as you take the trouble to program it in the smartest and most efficient manner. Time of sharing along with relevance of the posts really matter in the long run when you are looking to cultivate a loyal audience in a manner that is actionable and not just a pretty number on your profile that can be presented. If you feel that most of these tips flew over your head, have a look at our ’Twitter over a Weekend’ blog post, and we look forward to hearing your opinion regarding whether this post helped you or not. Have a look at our sign up page to be a beta user for our iOS mobile app, coming soon!

Tweet for the Greater Good

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